KELTY boxer Craig Morgan has promised to fight back after losing at a Tri-Nations bout last Saturday.

The 17-year-old represented Scotland against England and Wales in the GB Junior and Youth 3 Nations semi-finals in Sheffield, and faced Ben Marksby in the 60kg bout.

His English opponent won a unanimous points decision, taking the final round after the opening two were tied. Morgan admitted: “It was tough. I never performed as well as I should have, especially after all the hours of training I put in. It is disappointing, but I still got to represent my country.

“He was England’s number one and had only lost maybe seven out of 100. I’ve only had about 35 fights.

“I felt perfect going in. The first round was good, the second was good, but I just don’t know what happened in the third. I went for a knock-out, which is hard to do when they’ve got head gear. I needed to keep my composure.”

Morgan added: “It’s a minor setback on the road to a major comeback.”

Despite the loss, he is hopeful of representing Scotland in next year’s Commonwealth Games.

“I just hope the coaches don’t feel that was the best that I can offer. It’s not. I’m still hoping I’m in consideration for selection.”