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Ford Edge £30,650 - £46,035

Out of 10

The Edge is Ford's best selling SUV in the USA, success it hasn't yet quite emulated in Europe. Perhaps the changes made to this revised version will help. The idea here is to add a top tier to the Blue Oval's Crossover and SUV line-up that'll keep customers within the Ford family who might otherwise desert to other brands. These people will like the fact that the Edge is good looking, well equipped and offered for the kind of money that normally, would only buy you a relatively compact car of this kind. Will all that be enough to enable Ford to steal sales from the premium brands? It'll be interesting to see.

Our Ratings

Overall 67%
Handling 7/10
Comfort 7/10
Economy 5/10
Value 7/10
Build 7/10
Equipment 8/10
Performance 6/10
Depreciation 5/10
Insurance 7/10
Space 7/10
Styling 8/10
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