LIVING in Dunfermline, I thought I'd seen enough ice to last me a lifetime. But I was wrong � a trip to the Alhambra Theatre to watch Peter Pan on Ice left me wanting more.

Running the gauntlet of Dunfermline's treacherous and icy roads to sit in front of, well, a sheet of ice, didn't exactly appeal with the themometer showing minus six on Wednesday night.

But after two weeks of weather misery, a night out at the Alhambra proved, in fact, to be a well-worth-it winter warmer.

Peter Pan on Ice was an enthralling mix of Strictly Come Dancing meets Dancing on Ice meets Cirque du Soleil. But not X Factor. This show had genuine talent.

I must admit for some reason I hadn't expected Peter Pan on Ice to be a ballet. I'd imagined a sort of panto on ice and others in the audience near me thought the same.

But when, after an enchanting opening of ice dance, it became clear the show was to be purely ice ballet, we watched on intrigued.

And what a treat it was. The ice dancing throughout was never less than mesmerising - what a thrill to be able to see such amazing and spectacular moves live and at such close quarters.

The speed and difficulty of some of the lifts drew gasps from the audience but in truth so graceful and apparently effortless was the dancing that I sometimes forgot it was on ice.

The story of Peter Pan unfolded beautifully, with a J M Barrie character turning the pages of a giant book backdrop of an excellent set that transported us to the diverse worlds of pirates and Indians.

Imaginative choreography and a lightness of touch brought the magic of the timeless classic to life, with Peter, Wendy and Tinkerbell floating across the ice stage � and sometimes above it � with breathtaking grace.

And to really get the audience on the edge of their seats there was the circus stunts � firejugglers, genuinely jaw-dropping rope stunts high above the stage that resembled a trapeze act and, at one point, a hula hoop artiste with a hoop that was actually a ring of fire.

The audience loved it and my nine- and seven-year-olds were totally enthralled.

Well done to the Alhambra for putting on a cracking night's entertainment on a cold winter's night � the theatre and its staff were warm and welcoming � and Peter Pan on Ice added to this excellent venue's quest to showcase a stunningly varied array of entertainment right on the Dunfermline doorstep.