The West End musical Grease came to Dunfermline with a huge fanfare and the show is certainly living up to its billing this week.

We've all seen the classic film about the kids at Rydell High, know the songs and so the challenge is to bring an extra dimension to an old favourite on stage.

What thousands have been enjoying this week is a tremendous night of family entertainment delivered with panache, youthful energy and humour.

We're taken back to the highly-charged '50s American high school culture of cars and chicks. Carina Gillespie is a great choice as Sandy, the part of Danny could have been made for Danny Bayne and Rhydian Roberts earned a huge ovation for his over-the-top cameo role as the Teen Angel.

All three deserved the plaudits but the success of the show came from the depth of talent throughout the show, as illustrated by Kate Somerset How as Rizzo.

Overall, the singing was impeccable, the dancing impressive and the show kept moving on at a cracking pace played out on a colourful, ever-changing set.

A memorable highlight was the performance of 'Greased Lightning' performed on top of another star of the show, Kenickie's car.

A special mention also to the band perched high above the stage who brought the magic of the Grease songs to life.

By the end, the audience, including many school parties, were on their feet singing along, dancing and caught up in the magic of Grease.

And by the time the curtain comes down on the last performance on Saturday night there will have been audiences of 7000 enjoying a special night at the Alhambra.