SET in the roaring '20s, with gangsters, shoot-outs and corruption, Chicago tells the story of sharp-shooting femme fatales quick to leave their erring love interest riddled with more holes than a tea bag.

Two prison inmates, Roxy and Velma, compete for media attention, seeking public sympathy, beat the noose and go on to a glittering showbiz career. Death row dames were the reality TV stars of those days.

They were unscrupulous times but Chicago skips any moralising, telling the story with a smile, the good-time spirit shining through.

'All that Jazz' is the ideal opener and the story quickly skips on at a jaunty pace, not allowing itself to be held up by dead bodies appearing along the way.

The fabulous jazz band looming over the set keeps the party swinging along. Ali Bastian is a charismatic leading lady and Genevieve Nicole delivers a breathtaking, high-kicking performance as Velma.

Stefan Booth expertly captures the essence of shyster Billy Flynn, slick, slippery and smooth-talking. 'We Both Reached for the Gun' and 'Razzle Dazzle' were real highlights.

The UK tour is ending in Dunfermline this week and ending on a high.

This was quality West End entertainment at its best featuring faultless vocals, dazzling dance... and all that jazz.

Chicago is at The Alhambra until 15th December