IF you go to see Cinderella at The Alhambra, it's likely you'll leave with a huge smile on your face.

You'll also be equipped with some hilarious lines to pass off as your own, thanks in no small part to the Ugly Sisters.

Wee Jessie (Colin Carr) and Big Nancy (Robert Reid) are outrageous as the panto dames, goading the audience, upsetting Cinderella and belittling each other ("I should be on Britain's Got Talent," said one. "Naw, more like Embarrassing Bodies..." quipped the other).

It's a rollicking show with more laughs than you can shake a sparkly wand at.

That wand belongs to Fairy Godmother Jane McCarry. You'll know her as local gossip Isa Drennan from BBC's Still Game.

Happily, her panto character is basically a glammed-up Isa who aims to use a spell to bring together Cinderella and Prince Charming.

Colin McCredie is perfect as Prince Charming's sidekick Dandini and adults will appreciate the Taggart references.

The local references are fun too, especially in the rendition of 'All Kinds of Men Fae Fife', sung with gusto by Nancy and Jessie.

I let out a big guffaw when 'Princess Abbeyview' was introduced into the Palace Ballroom - go along and you'll do the same.

There's even digs at the Carnegie Hall and former Prince Charming turned adult...ahem...'entertainer', Craig Chalmers.

This is a big scale family show, there's plenty of singalong fun and live action for children while adults will enjoy any risqu� humour, which safely sails over the kids' heads.

Special mention must go to musical director James Bryce. His tunes cement a truly entertaining festive show which sets the standard for a national scale panto production.

Cinderella is at The Alhambra, Dunfermline, until 6th January. Box office: 740384. www.alhambradunfermline.com