DES Dillon's comedy received a warm reception at the Alhambra Theatre last Friday night (4th May).

The antics on stage had the audience roaring with laughter as two hapless football fans came face to face with their worst nightmare-each other.

'Singin' I'm No a Billy He's a Tim' follows a Rangers fan and a Celtic fan who end up locked in a cell on the day of an Old Firm match.

Both have money on their team to win the game in the hope that they can pay off their fines and escape prison. But things don't exactly go to plan.

The result is an authentically entertaining play as Dillon's witty dialogue is interspersed with contemporary quips from the actors on stage.

Part stand-up comedy, part moral drama the themes of race, nationalism and human kindness are subtly inserted but also glaringly obvious.

A simple set and natural action make this play what it is, an entertaining exploration of reality.

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