IT'S time for the time-warp! Rocky Horror has finally hit West Fife and we couldn't be more excited.

The zany production is known for it's audience participation, and the crowds don't disappoint with costumes, call-outs and carrying on.

If you don't know what to expect, or you do but don't know how to do it, follow these simple guidelines on how to get involved, and not get kicked out!

1. Don’t throw rice, water, popcorn, lighters, newspapers, toilet rolls, candles at the performers, spotlights or screen. In fact, don’t throw anything at all. It may be dangerous and may result in the show being halted. Staff may carry our searches, and if necessary confiscate items until after the performance.

2.If you are dressing up for the show, don’t criticize other people’s costumes. Everyone has the right to wear whatever they wish. Some people make carbon-copies of the stage costumes, others take a more abstract approach. Some don’t dress up at all.

3.Talk-back lines should be used to add to the Rocky experience, don’t try to shout down other people, they might know some better lines, the best lines are the unexpected, especially if the cast start to giggle!

4. Do have fun! Get involved, have a giggle and dress up if you want.