Press Online: How's the Fiddlers' Bid tour going so far?

Catriona McKay: Brilliant. Great audiences, good food and the tour bus is still quite tidy, although getting a bit smelly!

PO: What can West Fifers expect from the band's show on Saturday at the Carnegie Hall?

CM: A life affirming emotional journey! From joyous, energetic, rhythmic tunes that make you giddy all the way to beautiful, tender music that make your heart ache. Oh, and lots of stories and laughs from Maurice. He's on great form this tour...some nights we've had trouble fitting in the tunes!

PO: You've toured in America, Australia and the far east. Is there a noticeable difference in audience reaction across the globe?

CM: Yes and no, different characteristics in the outward behaviour sometimes but music affects people the world over in the same way. Japan- listen very closely and very attentive, like their CDs signed. USA - very warm and love to speak after the gig, ask questions like 'what type of strings do you use'!

PO: Does fiddle music get it's fair share of recognition in Scotland?

CM: No. There are some hard working folk music promoters, but I feel that the general press in the UK misses a trick by not promoting and sharing the goodness of traditional music. It makes your life better to have great music in it - Scotland has a brilliant tradition that can be undervalued by it's own and can have lack of interesting press about it. It's hard to make a living as a musician in this country- countries like Sweden respect musicians and pay them accordingly!

PO: You play the Celtic Harp, how difficult is that to master?

CM: Very! Ha ha! Well, it's easy to play at the start but the ladder has big rungs to climb. Really, no instrument is easy if you really want to take it to a high level. If you love something work at it, you will reap the rewards.

PO: What's next for Fiddlers' Bid and yourself?

CM: More music, more travels. For Fiddlers' Bid next is a DVD which we've been filming this year and on this tour. It captures live performances and some of the antics the band get up to! Next for me is a trip to play at Celtic Colours Festival in Cape Breton with Chris Stout to play our new album of fiddle and harp 'White Nights' which we play as a duo and also a special concert with a string orchestra. Chris and I play a UK tour in Scotland in November, including Glenrothes Rothes Halls on 20th November and Queenshall on the 17th November.

PO: Where can people find out more?

CM:, and