PRESS ONLINE: Tell us about the new live album...

GERRY MARSDEN: The live album has all the favourites and more, some that haven’t been on a disc for years - well worth a listen.

PO: What can fans expect from your live show?

GM: A great fun night out listening to stories from my early days and lots of great music.

PO: Is it true that Lennon played a song-in-progress to you which you told him was crap?

GM: Yes, the song was Hello Little Girl which John wanted me to record as my fourth release but I didn’t like it so he gave it to another Liverpool band called The Fourmost who got into the charts with it.

PO: What was better: getting your MBE in 2003 or being given the Freedom of the Ferries?

GM: Freedom of the Ferries was great to get when I received it a good few years ago. But the MBE and then the Freedom of the City were both unbelievable and very special days in my life and career.

PO: For the guitar geeks out there, can you tell us what equipment you use?

GM: I play a custom Fender Start through a Peavey twin amp. I don’t use pedals - I leave that to my other guitarist.

PO: Being a Liverpool fan, what do you think of the crisis at club right now?

GM: It’s a sad and embarrassing situation. Like most Liverpool fans I feel we need to get the Americans out and start to rebuild our great club.

PO: You played a hand in getting Brian Epstein to sign the Beatles?

GM: I don’t know where you got that info! Brian signed the Beatles while we were playing in Hamburg and then signed us shortly after them.

PO: Gloria Estefan said Ferry Cross the Mersey is one of her all time favourite songs. What is your all time favourite song?

GM: That is actually one of my favourite songs along with Don’t Let The Sun Catch You Crying.

PO: How would you compare today’s charts with those in the '60s. Unfavourably?

GM: It’s a different type of music these days it all moves on. But personally I love the music from the late 50s and 60s.

*** Gerry Cross the Mersey, Carnegie Hall, Dunfermline 7.30pm. Tickets £17 (£15) 01383 602302.