COMIC Alun Cochrane chose the Eels song ‘That’s Not Really Funny’ when he walked onstage to one of the biggest televised gigs of his life.

“There was a TV audience of about five million watching,” he told Press Online about his 2009 appearance on Michael McIntyre’s Comedy Roadshow, “and I could just imagine someone sitting watching it saying, ‘Well that’s not really funny’”.

As well as cunning self-deprecation, Alun is a comedian who is happiest simply tell ing jokes.

That’s right, jokes; no weird haircut, foulmouthed rants or facial gurning It’s gags not gimmicks that has helped the Manchester-based comic build a critically acclaimed set.

Hence the show’s title: ‘Jokes. Life. And Jokes about Life’. So how is life right now for Alun? “Well, the neighbours have got the builders in at the moment, which is pretty annoying. “It’s more annoying due to the fact that it makes me feel I should be doing something with my place. I’ve had a word with them but I’m not a really confrontational person.” West Fifers can look forward to a plethora of punchlines when he performs at the Carnegie Hall next week.

His favourite new joke is about mittens, but there are also highly enjoyable ones about puppy fat, and piano playing.

And if his new jokes don’t float your barge he also has amusing observations and stories about the following; going running, a 3D film, testicles, divorces, “that big oil spill”, understatements about serious things like “that big oil spill”. And a banana on a train.

Recent TV appearances have included Never Mind the Buzzcocks, Have I Got News For You and Mock The Week.

Alun’s talent extends to broadcasting when 2009 saw his first foray into the world of breakfast radio with a successful stint on XFM Manchester.

In 2004 his debut Edinburgh solo show gave him a Perrier Best Newcomer Award nomination and a Writer’s Guild Award for Comedy. Which proves he really is rather funny.

Jokes. Life. And Jokes about Life, Carnegie Hall, Friday 12th November, 8pm. £12. Box office 602302.