DUNFERMLINE PRESS: Where are you now and what are you doing?

RUSSELL KANE: I'm in my kitchen brewing a coffee.

DP: What type of coffee?

RK: It's an African Arabica from my espresso machine. It's typically strong with a flowery nose through it.

DP: You mention your late "typically working class" dad in many of your shows. What would he think of that?

RK: He was a working class hard-nut but was snobby about food � he didn't like chips or burgers. I'm sure he'd have approved of the coffee because it was expensive. He couldn't give a s*** what it tasted like.

DP: What can you see out your window?

RK: I'm looking out into the back garden and contemplating having to pick up my dog's s***.

DP: Should a successful comedian be doing that?

RK: I pick up s*** most nights on stage.

DP: Your show promises 'high-energy contortions'. Who's your favourite contortionist?

RK:Lee Evans. Musically, the Foo Fighters. And some of Beethoven's madder bits.

DP: You had a show called Fakespeare. What's your favourite Shakesperian Quote?

RK: It's obvious, but it's 'To be or not to be". It's profound DP: You've done some radio presenting � what bands would never appear on your playlist?

RK: Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus...I'll let Take That off as I think they're being ironic.

DP: You were a presenter on 'I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here Now'. Got any celeb secrets?

RK: (Presenter) Joe Swash and (contestant) Kayla Collins were definitely dancing together at the wrap party.

DP: What's next for Russell Kane?

RK: Comedy Rocks, the ITV1 show, on every Friday. I do a semi-topical spot in the corner.

Smokescreens and Castles, Carnegie Hall, Wednesday 26th January. Box office 602302. Russell features on Comedy Rocks with Jason Manford ITV1 9pm Fridays.