Are you looking forward to returning to the UK for your tour? Always, man. I feel at home there.

How is the blues scene here compared to the US? It's no different, the blues is the blues.

You appeared on Jools Holland... Jools Holland, he's a great cat. We talked. He's a good entertainer and a great musician.

What venues do you like the best - intimate or large? I'm sorry, you've got kinda an accent (laughs). I'm sorry.

(Slower) What size of venues do you like playing - small and intimate or larger ones? I like playing any venue that responds to what me and the band is doing, man. In Chicago, we don't have that British, sit-down theatre kinda thing. When I first experienced that I was scared to death because they were quiet. I was thinkin' 'Do they like me?'. But they loved it, you could tell by the applause. I'm used to the party kinda stuff where people just have a great time.

What material will you be playing in the UK? I always play my stuff and my Pop's stuff. I can't get around my father's stuff. I am who I am - I didn't ask to be here. I love my father's stuff. I've got a brand new album called 'Son of the Seventh Son'. I've been at several concerts and people in the audience are yelling, 'Do Manish boy!' or 'Hey, do (Got My) Mojo (Workin)!'. I just can't get round it.

You have called being Muddy Waters' son a blessing and a curse... I'm blessed enough to inherit my father's vocals. Hopefully people get a chance to hear Mud Morganfield sing like my dad. I waver between myself and my father and maybe even a little funk. My father toured the UK with the Rolling Stones and I feel very grateful to the UK.

For a blues fan in Scotland, the Chicago scene seems almost exotic. Can you describe it? Chicago is seen as the home of the blues. Rhythm & blues and soul would be Detroit, and Motown. But Chicago is the capital of blues, so many greats come from here, including Howlin' Wolf, Chuck Berry, and people like that. Chicago is not that way no more.

Were you popular at school because your dad was Muddy Waters? Yes, more than likely. And that's something I'm grateful for.

What was the first instrument you picked up? I wanted to be a drummer. When I was four or five I drove my family crazy by beating on table tops and tin cans. I just had all these beats in my head and they came out through my hands.

What are your plans for the next few years? My plan is to stay healthy. If you 'aint got your health you got nothing.

Mud Morganfield, Carnegie Hall Saturday 2nd February 8pm. Box office: 01383 602302.