FOR a one-man play it packs a punch...sadomasochistic Irish girls, American randoms, London metrosexual weirdos and radge Edinburgh wideos.

'Big Sean, Mikey and Me' has been described as a dark comedy journey with a heart.

It's the story of Ruaraidh, his imaginary friend Big Sean Connery and his childhood pal Mikey and their adventures through the dark side of Edinburgh.

Featuring Ruaraidh Murray, it was first performed to a sell-out run at the Edinburgh Fringe 2012.

Ruaraidh (37) is ideal for the role. He grew up in Stockbridge in the heart of Edinburgh and remains very passionate about his Scottish roots He studied acting at The Oxford School of Drama.

He was a member of the Traverse Theatre and Royal Court Theatre young writers groups.

Ruaraidh's film and TV acting credits include: Richard Jobson's 'New Town Killers', 'The Bill', and C4's 'Sword of Honour'. After the success of 'Big Sean, Mikey and Me', Ruaraidh acted with Brian Cox and Jonathan Watson in the new BBC comedy 'Bob Servant Independent' which is set in Broughty Ferry.

His stage credits include the 10 year stage revival of Irvine Welsh's Trainspotting.

'Big Sean, Mikey and Me', Carnegie Hall, Saturday, 8pm. �10. Box office: 602302.