SCOTTISH Opera will present a new production of Handel's Rodelinda at Carnegie Hall on Tuesday 29th October.

Sung in English and set against a backdrop of faded Baroque grandeur, a cast of very contemporary characters tells a compelling tale of tyranny, love and the corrupting nature of power.  Bertarido, King of Lombardy, has been defeated in battle and his enemy Grimoaldo has seized his throne. Bertarido’s queen, Rodelinda, mourns bitterly, little knowing that her husband is feigning death in order to exact revenge.

Alone in a world of ruthless Machiavellian intrigue, she agrees to marry Grimoaldo. Distraught, Bertarido dismisses her as faithless, but allegiances change in the flick of a knife, and nothing is ever quite what it seems.

  Three instrumentalists accompany – on harpsichord, violin and cello – giving a strong flavour of the orchestra that Handel originally wrote for.

The sensuous score is full of fragility, beauty and darkness, contrasting moments of frantic energy with those of exquisite stillness, reflecting the human passions at its core.

This is an evening of entertainment not to be missed!

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