CARNEGIE Hall's adaptation of Snow White is the perfect family Christmas show sure to leave you festively warm and fuzzy.

The cleverly-scripted fairytale with a Scottish twist has beautiful woodland sets, fantastic costumes, a live band and a talented cast of all ages.

Steeped in tartan, Scots slang, highland dancers and bagpipe music along with some popular chart music, the show put smiles on a young and older audience at the Dunfermline venue last night (Thursday).

Lauren Grant as the beautiful Snow White performed wonderfully perfect angelic solo numbers and duos.

Daniel Paton as Callum The Kitchen Boy plays Snow White's love interest and hero and performs a beautiful acoustic cover of David Guetta and Usher's Without You.

BBC River City's Pamela Byrne as Queen Vultra is wickedly mesmerising singing fantastic powerful covers of I Put A Spell On You, Rise Like A Phoenix and more.

Her sassy and saucy attitude explodes off the stage capturing the audience in the palm of her hand.

Byrne also played the mirror, Vultra's good side, in a smartly done digital character.

A true hit with the audience was the loveable lanky dope Numpty performed by American actor Tyler Collins. The 6ft-something Numpty by name numpty by nature sent the kids and adults into giggles with his faultless Fife accent and gags.

The hilarious Matthew Ellis as the pompous Prince Rupert of Repugnia sings a hilarious adaptation of One Direction's You Don't Know Your Beautiful. Prince Rupert’s sleazy charm and arrogance along with his massively posh accent and funny outfits portrays the perfect over-the-top toff.

Shining stars of the show were kid actors playing The Magnificent 7 Scottish Highland dwarfs: kind Clouthie, brave Gallus, smart Muckle, stupid Glaikit, miserable Dreichy, smelly Reekie and tired Puggle.

Instead of Hi Ho, Hi Ho It's Off To Work We Go the Proclaimers' tune I'm on My Way was aptly changed for the Magnificent 7. Writer Alan McHugh and director Jonathan Stone have excelled with this adaptation of the Snow White story bringing the audience a fantastically magical, mystery and very Scottish take on the classic fairytale.

There is still time to see Snow White at the Carnegie Hall. The show is running to Christmas Eve. To book tickets visit or call 01383 602302.