VAL VERDE EP LAUNCH PJ's, Friday, 5th June 2009 _____________________ Great bands, like great films, are persuasive.

Watch Fight Club and you"ll come out the Multiplex wanting to bang heads together. Or see the Jason Bourne movies and you might fantasize for a few hours that you"re a hunted former spy/assassin.

The Press, thankfully, has yet to see Brokeback Mountain.

VAL VERDE's performance at PJs might not make you all want to form a band (yet), but you"ll at least air guitar for a while walking home.

The band continue their ascendancy, launching their The Lazy Soldier EP in Dunfermline on the second date of their UK tour.

Earlier THE DELANEYS caused their usual ruckus - thrilling on-stage as well as threatening to spill off it.

Live, their songs are a skewered, vibrating mess which should jar with the discerning ear. Instead it draws you to it like a moth to a neon blue-light FlyKiller.

The three Delaney"s, who conjure up bands like the Cribs, McLusky and the Libertines, were meant to play together. Simple as that.

VAL VERDE can go effortlessly between jaunty and euphoric, sincere and bombastic, Mexican and British.

Their songs are entirely memorable and that"s down in part to a singer with a voice as distinctive as a fog horn in haar and a guitarist/sorcerer who appears to be inventing new noises on the spot.

New song Denise Fontaine is a dreamy, pensive trip while fan favourite Billy Magazine sees bodies cram to the front of the stage.

And Do You Remember Mono provides the perfect soundtrack to a fight that starts behind the sound desk (fight rating: handbags).

The Press leaves the show early...we're already sold.

And with their tour underway, it shouldn't take too much to convince the rest of the UK.