Jake and Elwood - The Best Blues Brothers Show in the World....Ever! The Alhambra, 5th June.

THE show"s title leaves a lot to live up to. However, from the start, Jake and Elwood didn"t look like they felt under any pressure and after 20 years in the saddle that"s hardly surprising.

The Blues Brothers is all about great music, big cars and everyone having a good time and the guys pulled that off no problem.

There were seats installed in the Alhambra for this gig but by the end they weren"t needed as the audience - many in the Blues Brothers garb - were on their feet dancing and singing.

Jake and Elwood looked and sounded very much like the real thing and they received tremendous backing from the Black Rhino Band.

In times of so much doom and gloom, this show was on a mission from God to provide feelgood entertainment and it duly delivered.