Malcolm Middleton Tigerfest, Carnegie Hall Saturday 22nd May ******************* Malcolm Middleton's songs have such pathos it's almost comic.

The amusement tonight comes from his dry lyrical observations - bluntly honest and full of crushing self-doubt (his final song talks about his own musical efforts being "sh**e").

Between songs he playfully accused the audience of being on drugs, teased them by offering to play Madonna covers (he never) and a tribute to "my favourite cities" led to an instrumental track called Hiroshima.

At one point, acknowledging the warm weather, he suggested continuing the gig outside.

When the audience voiced their encouragement, he changed his mind: "Nah, I hate that s***".

Middleton played songs from most of his five albums, highlights included Love Comes in Waves, Total Belief and Week Off from the Sleight of Heart album.

He hasn't the strongest voice, but it weaves between gently naïve and roughly tender and if there's anyone wry enough to stay clear of schmaltz it's Malcom Middleton.