Stiff Little Fingers/Honk, Velocity. 7th August.

PUNK legends Stiff Little Fingers gave a two-fingered salute to their most unlikely fan, David Cameron.

The posh PM was apparently a devotee of the Belfast working class heroes when he was a public schoolboy.

But the old school tie means nothing to straight-talking Fingers frontman Jake Burns who told a packed and vibrant Velocity audience, "Since we were here last, you have a new Prime Minister"- cue loud booing - "and he says that while he was at Eton he was a fan of Stiff Little Fingers.

"Well we can say to him, Stiff Little Fingers are no f****** fans of you." The band then launched into 'Liars Club' written about politicians who are economical with the truth.

This gig was long-awaited and turned out to be a memorable occasion. It was never going to be a bunch of old-timers going through the motions. The fire in their belly appears to be burning as strongly as ever and this energy and enthusiasm won them new generations of fans over the years.

It's a tribute to the integrity and honesty of a band that has shunned popular commercial success that their message has stayed true.

'Wasted Life' got them off to a storming start and an early highlight was 'At the Edge' - "The closest we got to a hit" according to Jake and a classic of rebellious downtrodden youth fighting back.

"Doesn't Make it Alright" and Barbed Wire Love" were other stand-outs before Jake dedicated Strummerville - written in memory of his friend Joe, the late great Clash singer - to Dunfermline's own much-missed musical son, Stuart Adamson.

'Johnny Was' and 'Alternative Ulster' brought the curtain down on an electrifying set.

To complete a great night we also had the welcome return of Honk after eight years and they looked right at home supporting such illustrious company.

The local lads did themselves proud and hopefully the rousing reception they received will persuade them to keep the reunion going.