FOR comedian Danny Bhoy, it’s the “wee things” that make life interesting.

Like the reaction he saw from a beer-swilling Australian when a possum ran up his leg to his neck (“Gerroff ... cheeky little begger!”).

Or his own admittedly pathetic and inaccurate retort to Matt Damon after the A-lister told Bhoy he’d never heard of him before they both appeared on the Letterman Show.

“Well I’ve never seen Titanic,” he mumbled.

There are also surreal flights of fancy. Bhoy imagined the frustration of playing Shakespeare at Scrabble, a man who is said to have invented more than 1000 new words.

And there was a hilarious but all too brief skit about a gay Viking on a testosterone-fuelled longship becoming increasingly distracted from rowing by his sweating and topless Nordic colleagues; “Erik,” he lisped to himself desperately, “concentrate!” Bhoy’s travels abroad inform much of the observational part of his 80 minute set.

It may be fairly standard comedic practice to compare ‘us’ with the rest of the world, but in the right hands it works.

He paints Scots in an often poor but affectionate light (Bhoy is Scottish despite once being told in Texas he sounds Irish and looks like a Pakistani).

The best example of this was our approach to alcohol. He once found himself in an off-licence watching two men carefully choosing which wine they were going to imbibe that evening. “How about this one?” “What is it?” his friend asked. “14 per cent.” It’s the “wee things” that go on in Danny Bhoy’s head that will ensure he goes on to big things in the comedy world.

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