BRUCE Foxton was on top form as he performed to an adoring crowd of Jam fans at the Carnegie Hall.

It's almost 30 years since The Jam split but the clock was yanked back to the delight of the enthusiastic audience who were down the front and dancing from the start.

Foxton is the only member of the originals in 'From The Jam' since the departure of Rick Butler, now replaced by Big Country's Mark Brzezicki with Russell Hastings making a good fist of the unenviable task of the Weller role.

'Eton Rifles', 'News of the World', 'The Modern World', 'Down in the Tube Station at Midnight' - just some of the epic tracks delivered with vibrancy and verve.

Foxton, a role model to many a bass player who followed, led from the front with a dynamic performance and must have derived special pleasure for the warm reception for his new single 'Number Six'.

'Strange Town', 'Beat Surrender' and 'Town Called Malice' recreated the halcyon days and the huge ovation at the end proved fans of The Jam feels this band is a fitting way to carry on the legacy of their heroes.