IN 2008 Roger Hunt went on a business trip to Mumbai.

The RBS banker was caught in one of the biggest terrorist attacks India has ever seen as his hotel was bombed and the residents shot.

The only way Roger survived was by hiding out in his hotel room, staying silent and using his mobile to communicate with colleagues in Scotland who tried to get him help.

Last Friday (17th May) Carnegie Hall was the venue for the gripping, harrowing play based on Roger's story.

The narrative follows him for the 40 hours that he stayed hidden, reminiscing about his life in an attempt to stay safe and sane.

Right Lines Productions have created a drama that is effortlessly powerful and refreshingly fast-paced.

The cast, including James Mackenzie as Roger, are versatile and nuanced in their performances.

There is nothing bad that can be said about this short, sharp and serious production.