A DIFFERENT Past is the long-awaited third album from Glasgow four-piece, State Broadcasters.

Never ones to rush things, the State Broadcasters have meticulously crafted an album which fuses their distinct Scottish sound with sweet pop-soul songs; creating a modern day sophisti-pop record in the process. Their much anticipated third album is now available for download.

Former Danny Kyle award winners, State Broadcasters achieved wide critical acclaim for their 2009 debut The Ship and the Iceberg, and for the 2012 follow up, the darker toned Ghosts We Must Carry, which was described as “one of the best Scots albums so far this year”.

The title, A Different Past, is a slight at the nostalgia industry as the album works to encourage the listener to believe that we now live in a kinder and fairer society than we ever have done, despite all the bad news of our current political landscape. We should embrace the world we live in today rather than revisiting and revising memories of our youth and trying to convince ourselves life was better ‘back in the day’.

The album also showcases a more playful, upbeat side of the band, while containing enough of their trademark tear jerking melancholia to keep long term fans happy.

Pete MacDonald, of State Broadcasters, said: "It’s been over four years since our last album came out and A Different Past has been a long time coming, it has been a labour of love but we’re really proud of the end result.

"The whole album was recorded and mixed at home so we had time to really make each song our own and create the exact sound we wanted.

“The mood throughout the album is quite contrasting, with some poppier songs than we’ve ever recorded before and also some more melancholic melodies and lyrics than anything previously released.

"On a personal level this album means a lot to me, my late grandfather can be heard on ‘Let the Wolves Roam’ talking about working the land of his croft on his native Island of Skye and I wrote ‘Braced Against the Cold’ about his wife, my gran, when I watched the reality of her passing sink in for my parents.

"Including these tracks was important to me as the whole ethos of the album is to encourage a healthy appreciation of the past, remembering it for what it was but not to glorify it or view it through rose-tinted glasses, to remember it honestly and not to pine for it, but instead embrace and improve on the world we live in today.”

The State Broadcasters are a core four-piece, comprising of Pete MacDonald (Randolph's Leap) on piano, trombone and vocals; Gillian Fleetwood (The Duplets, De Rosa) on harp, synth and vocals; Cameron Maxwell (Rachel Hair Trio) on double/electric bass, trombone and vocals; and David McGinty (Endor, Fake Major) on guitar and vocals. They are occasionally joined by Andrew Samson (Stanley Odd) on drums and Susan Appelbe on cello.

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