Some firms are becoming adept at recruiting from university, providing the sort of opportunity that allows a student to get full-on work experience on a part time basis - a practical “train your own workforce” strategy that fits perfectly with a city whose mainstay is the oil and gas industry.

Many companies in the industry or its contracted supply side, especially IT, have become practised at streaming would-be employees towards rewarding employment by the most effective route.

And while it may start at university it appears likely the same thinking can be found when it comes to taking people on for part or self-employment contracts - or for fixed term posts designed to complete a particular project.

So there is plenty going on, but arguably the only way to make sense of the matrix of jobs in Aberdeen theoretically available is to use a reliable online jobs resource to get an accurate picture of what is being advertised, and what skills are currently most in demand.

As a random but useful example, Plexus Holdings - operating in Aberdeen’s oil and gas service business - has just splashed out £24million on hugely expanding its Dyce headquarters complex, which is a move designed to prepare the work for steady and important expansion.

It is far from being the only operator keen to expand its operational capacity in the North-East, and with this resurgent confidence in the strength of the city’s key industries we can expect not only regular influxes of job “packages” - some of which may go to companies subcontracting for work - but also a great many fixed term and self-employed opportunities.

It’s one thing to get a job, perhaps, and another to obtain work - not necessarily permanent or full time - which can help someone use an array of talents to best advantage by taking on different work streams, or which perhaps complements part-time work with study or training.

In an area as vibrant but demanding as Aberdeen a would-be employee who can target experience towards a specific opportunity is in with a good shout of getting a good result - possibly (as just one example) by operating as a sub-contractor to a project management firm. You can find more information and services for residents Here.

Good web resources are the ideal way not only to see the actual jobs on offer but also to understand how various types of work agreement, from full time contract to part-time or fixed term, can all be considered on their own merits - for example a well-funded fixed term deal may contain an explicit promise of more or even permanent work if everything goes to plan.

Aberdeen’s property market is similar to London’s, and that wealth and the energy it represents isn’t just the preserve of a wealthy few.

But for the average skilled person trying to find the best route to the best work available a long, cool look at local developments is highly recommended, because the information you need to form a good work plan is just a click away.