AN investigation continues after a shark attacked a diver at Deep Sea World, North Queensferry, at the weekend.

The incident happened on Saturday afternoon with the member of staff, a male in his twenties, receiving cuts to his hand.

He was treated at the scene by paramedics but did not require hospital treatment.

The incident happened shortly after a week-long series of events held to celebrate European Shark Week.

The events were held to "dispel many of the popular conceptions of sharks as mindless man-eaters," to provide "a different view of these much-maligned predators." A Deep Sea World spokesman said, "A member of staff had received an injury while diving in the aquarium's main ocean display.

"The male member of staff received cuts to his hand after apparently being bitten by an angel shark - a native shark species which is also known as a monkfish.

"The member of staff was treated at the aquarium but did not require hospitalisation." He added, "The initial coverage made it sound more dramatic than it actually was, but Deep Sea World are taking the incident incredibly seriously." A full investigation is currently being carried out into the incident. The diver returned to work the following day.

The North Queensferry aquarium is currently embarking on an angel shark breeding programme of the critically endangered species.

Angel sharks can be found around the UK and Mediterranean, growing to almost two metres in length, and they often lie buried in sand or mud on the seabed with only their eyes protruding.