FIRST Minister Alex Salmond was involved in an angry row with MP Thomas Docherty during a visit to a Dunfermline school today (Wednesday).

Labour MP Mr Docherty wanted to put Mr Salmond on the spot about recent controversial comments made by local nationalist MSP Bill Walker over gay marriages.

He had a letter prepared urging Mr Salmond to "break your silence on the despicable and disgusting comments".

All three politicians were looking around the new eco-friendly Carnegie Primary School which just opened yesterday.

However, there was nothing friendly about Mr Salmond's reaction when Mr Docherty challenged him on the issue.

"He went absolutely mental," said Mr Docherty as he emerged from the room where he raised the matter.

"He said 'We're in a school' but we were in a room well away from the pupils and teachers and Bill Walker was present as well.

"The First Minister was asking 'How long have you been an MP son?' and his minder moved as if to step in between us." At the end of the visit, the Press spoke to Mr Salmond about the bust-up. He said, "I think he's only been an MP for a year or so and he'll learn as time goes on that there's a time and a place for everything and you don't bring politics into a school, that's just daft.

"However, it certainly didn't mar the day. I think it's a reflection of his inexperience." Mr Docherty's letter stated, "Your continued silence is surprising given your role not just as Mr Walker's party leader but as First Minister. I would therefore urge you today to condemn without further procrastination the entirety of Mr Walker's remarks and secondly to state what disciplinary actions the SNP intends to take." Mr Walker was the target of ferocious criticism from gay rights and equality groups after backing a parliamentary motion stating no-one should be forced to approve of same-sex marriages.