A POD of whales which survived a stranding at the weekend could finally be heading out of the Forth.

The pilot whales have been spotted around North and South Queensferry today (Friday) and it's hoped they're finally making their way out to sea.

A total of 17 whales died after they were stranded between Anstruther and Pittenweem on Sunday.

A further 10 were rescued, but one later beached again near Leith and died.

However, the other survivors are now believed to have joined up with other whales from the pod.

The cetaceans were seen near the Forth bridges earlier this week and there were reports of them near Kincardine yesterday.

It was feared they were heading the wrong way, but it was reported rescuers hoped the whales were feeding before heading back east.

Julia Cable, of the British Divers Marine Life Rescue, told the Press, "They've been seen in the Queensferry area and we're hoping they continue moving eastwards.

"We're hoping they've now regained their strength and are on the way out.

"We're watching them closely and at the moment it's important that everyone keeps away from them as any disturbance could send them the wrong way."