A ROSYTH man uncovered a 1500-year-old Roman brooch while out with his metal detector in Kelty.

Delighted John Wilson (47), Daniel Place, found the Dark Ages piece at a permission site at the north side of the village last month.

He said, "I had already found coins at the site dating from the 1700s to the 1950s, as well as a couple of Victorian-era brooches.

"I found this brooch at one of the few places on the site which was untouched. Whoever dropped the brooch had been sitting up on a rocky outcrop."

The ancient enamelled brooch is likely to have been used to fasten a toga below the shoulder, an item of clothing which would have been worn by Roman men around 500 AD.

John contacted the Museum of Scotland's treasure trove unit to report his find.

He was told to take it to the curator of Dunfermline Museum from where it was transferred to the finds officer for preservation and assessment.

The historically significant find has now been claimed by the Crown under Scottish Treasure Trove law. A value will be given to it and John is to receive an ex-gratia award as the finder.

The self-employed joiner began searching for treasure after being given a Garrett metal detector worth �250 from wife Karen at Christmas last year.

He said, "It's extremely relaxing but is quite exciting as well - when you get that signal there's an adrenaline rush and you wonder what it's going to be.

"I think it's amazing that the history of Kelty can now go back to Roman times with this beautiful brooch discovery.

"I never thought for a second when I got the metal detector as a Christmas present, that I would be holding a beautiful Roman artefact in my hand last touched by the Romano person who lost it centuries ago."