FIFE communities will be consulted in a review of onshore wind energy policies.

An eight-week public consultation will commence on 14th January, undertaken by Fife Council in conjunction with the Local Development Plan Main Issues Report.

It's being held to comply with Government requirements and will allow Fifers to give their views on onshore wind energy issues.

As part of the consultation, the council is seeking views on a report by environmental consultants Ironside Farrar, which addresses concerns raised on the cumulative landscape impacts of wind turbines in Fife.

Council leader Alex Rowley said, \"Land-based turbines must be located in the right places in order to prevent unacceptable impacts to our most important landscapes and to our communities.

\"A lot of good work has been done already and we want to update the areas of search and create a robust spatial framework for Fife that will steer wind energy development to appropriate locations.

\"We can then embed this into the Local Development Plan.\"

Following public consultation on the proposed changes, the council will update its Wind Energy guidance accordingly in mid-2013.