FORMER Prime Minister Gordon Brown has slammed the missing of another deadline in the inquiry into radioactive contamination at Dalgety Bay beach.

Campaigners expected those responsible for the thousands of radioactive particles found on the beach to be named at a meeting of the Dalgety Bay Forum.

However, Colin McPhail, chair of Dalgety Bay and Hillend Community Council, said, "At the forum meeting yesterday, SEPA informed us that they were running behind about a month and the Appropriate Persons Report will not be completed until the end of June.

"This is disappointing, as I expected them to name the Appropriate Persons at yesterday's meeting." It is widely expected that the Ministry of Defence will be blamed for dumping parts of broken up aircrafts more than 50 years ago.

Local MP Mr Brown hit out at the further delay in the beach contamination inquiry saying, "This must now become the last deadline which cannot be breached. The delay is disappointing.

"I now believe a meeting will be held next week between the Ministry of Defence and the Chief Executive of SEPA to discuss the issue.

"Next week will also see SEPA's presentation of their Radioactive Contaminated Land Risk Assessment Report made public.

"In the meantime it is important that the MOD continues to monitor radiation levels and commit in assisting the Scottish Environment Protection Agency in their work on removing the contamination.

"The people of Dalgety Bay have been very patient. The delay has been caused by the slow start last year to the physical investigation into the pollution but we cannot afford to wait another summer and then find that because of weather conditions action has to be delayed until the end of the next winter and another year is then lost."