FANS of Dunfermline rockers Nazareth have launched a Facebook campaign to make their new song 'I've Got Enough Love' with rap twins SHY/DRS a chart success. The song, released on Monday, entered the Scottish charts at number 39 yesterday and the rap duo are hoping by this weekend it will improve on their previous successful collaboration with Sandi Thom which reached number 32.

The page 'Get Nazareth Back into the Charts this Weekend' says, "Nazareth have been making great music for decades that has not been given the recognition or radio play it deserves and more importantly; they have not been in the charts for years/ decades."

Fan Peter Scott posted, "This is a great idea.I nstead of having those Simon Cowell one hit wonders that last 10 minutes and are continiously churned out, let's get these tried and tested real musicians, who have "served their time" back to chart glory. Let's turn the music industry on its head and get the almighty NAZARETH back where they belong.At the top!!!!"

The song, the video for which is featured, below can be bought on ITUNES here: