A PRO-INDEPENDENCE campaigner has hit out over an 11th-hour decision to "ban" them from attending a Dunfermline gala.

Yes Scotland activists were to due to attend the South Dunfermline Gala on Saturday to hand out information about next year's independence referendum.

However, local co-ordinator Fay Sinclair claimed that, following complaints from opponents, the gala organisers decided to "pull the plug" on the stall on Friday evening.

Fay (29), from Dunfermline, told the Press, "The gala is a really popular local event and we thought it would be a great opportunity to get information out to members of the public.

"I booked and paid for a stall weeks ago but was told with less than 24 hours' notice that we'd effectively been banned. I was told it was because of a lack of balance, as Better Together weren't going to be represented.

"We had been told it was fine to go ahead as long as it wasn't party-political. I had arranged volunteers and materials and that all had to be cancelled.

"The other side had the same opportunity as us to book a stall but they didn't, for whatever reason, and it just seems that instead of going there to present their case they complained about it.

"This is an important issue and people are looking for information and we were there ready to give them that information from our side.

"But because the other side either didn't want to or didn't have the manpower, we have been prevented from putting forward our side of things."

Fay felt that the organisers, South Dunfermline Community Council, had "obviously come under pressure".

She added, "The community council secretary was very apologetic - I know the organisers have a difficult job and I do understand they've got to keep everybody.

"I don't want to blame them because they do a fantastic job organising the gala.

"It seems pressure was put on the community council to cancel our stall for political reasons and to be quite honest, it stinks.

"Rather than present their own case to the public to make this important decision, the No campaign has worked behind the scenes to stifle debate and block access to the facts about independence."

When contacted, South Dunfermline Community Council said they had no comment to make on the matter.