Brave Sakander Riaz (33) fought back and chased the duo despite being hit and slashed 13 times during the “cowardly” raid at Omar Groceries in Alexandra Street.

He was left scarred for life and unable to use the fingers on his right hand after being savagely attacked by two drug addicts, Kieran Pearson (21) and Samuel Craig (20).

At the High Court in Perth, Pearson, of Daly Gardens in High Valleyfield, and Craig, of Broomhead Drive in Dunfermline, were jailed for four and a half and four years respectively.

They had previously admitted charges of armed robbery and serious assault at the store on 29th September last year.

Lord Burn also imposed two year extended sentences on both men in order to “protect the public from serious harm.” He told them, “It was plain from viewing the footage that this was a concerted attack where you armed yourselves with substantial weapons, a machete and a metal bar, and before which you had the presence of mind to put balaclavas on and wore rubber gloves.

“You proceeded to repeatedly strike this shopkeeper so he was not only severely injured but permanently disfigured and with no sensation in his hand or the use of his fingers.

“This was a cowardly and shocking attack perpetrated by both of you on a defenceless man in his own shop premises.

“Owners of such premises should not be subject to this kind of appalling physical attack.” Pearson and Craig struck the shopkeeper five times with the machete and eight times with the metal bar during the raid at the shop.

Despite sustaining injuries to his right hand and wrist, Mr Riaz fought back against Pearson and managed to wrestle the machete from him.

The robbers then fled from the shop with a small sum of cash and cigarettes and Mr Riaz bravely gave chase during an incident which was captured on the shop’s CCTV.

Police were called to the scene and the duo were identified from DNA taken from a glove which had been left behind at the scene and from the metal bar.

Advocate depute Joanna McDonald said, “On entering the shop the second accused [Craig] immediately struck Mr Riaz on the shoulder with a metal bar and both accused started shouting at him, demanding money.

“The first accused had a machete in his possession and waved it towards Mr Riaz.” Ms McDonald said Pearson “became increasingly more aggressive” when Mr Riaz refused to pick up money that had spilled onto the floor and “began thrusting the machete towards Mr Riaz and striking him with it.

“The attack on Mr Riaz was sustained and lasted over two minutes. Both accused stole cigarettes from behind the till and the money that had fallen onto the floor.

“As the accused made to leave the locus, Mr Riaz tackled the first accused. A struggle ensued whereby Mr Riaz successfully wrestled the machete from him.

“During the struggle one of the rubber gloves worn by the first accused fell to the ground.

“Both accused then ran from the locus initially pursued by Mr Riaz. The first accused dropped the metal bar that he had been carrying and Mr Riaz picked this up and took it back to the shop.” The court was told that the duo fled from the shop because they had information about police response times they had picked up from a “trashy” Channel 4 or 5 documentary show.

Mr Riaz was taken to Ninewells Hospital in Dundee with a four inch wound to his hand and wrist. The court was told he lacked sensation and movement in his hand as a result.