Queen Anne High School in Dunfermline has been named Scottish Outstanding Confucius Hub 2014 after it was awarded the title for its contribution to Chinese studies.

A successful trip to China saw Queen Anne staff and pupils take on the challenge of Mandarin lessons along with learning about Chinese culture and visiting spectacular sights such as the Great Wall. The kids got to visit Queen Anne’s partner school in Tianjin, where they learned about education in China before heading home to bond with the families by watching the country’s own version of the X Factor! The ‘immersion trip’ saw not only the pupils put to the test, but teachers too as they sat and passed Mandarin exams and came home having learned some useful words.

Following the trip, the school was awarded with the Confucius honour by the Confucius Institute for Scottish Schools (CISS), which aims to promote and support the delivery of high quality Chinese language learning to give young people the opportunity to learn about Chinese language and culture. One of the students from Queen Anne also received the top pupil award following the trip, which brought together 65 pupils and 16 teachers from all over Scotland.