WEST FIFERS have been warned after four people were charged for operating as window cleaners without licences.

Fife Council took enforcement action against the four after a complaint was made bout unlicensed window cleaners operating in the West Fife area.

Councillor Bob Young, chair of the regulation and licensing committee, explained, “We place a lot of trust in those we employ to carry out work at our homes.

"They are often working while we are away so it’s very important that they are fully trustworthy.

“Our enforcement officer recently took action against four individuals in West Fife who were charged by police for operating as window cleaners without licences.

We will continue to work closely with Police Scotland and other agencies in the coming months to ensure the public are protected from any unlicensed traders.” West Fifers are now being urged to be wary of unlicensed window cleaners operating across Fife.

The council is highlighting the risks of employing people who are unlicensed and is encouraging householders and businesses to look at their window cleaner’s licence.

Licences are approved and issued by the council while Police Scotland conducts background checks on applicants.

To protect householders and in case of accidents, it is a condition of holding a licence that window cleaners have adequate public liability insurance. They are also required to carry their licence ID at all times.

A council spokeswoman said, “Window cleaners, as part of their application for a licence, must show that they have public liability insurance to cover them while operating.

"When you are checking a licence it should have a photograph of the holder, the Fife Council logo and a hologram along with dates of its validity.”