KINCARDINE residents concerned about fracking are being urged to attend a meeting this month to voice their questions.

The Kincardine area is at the heart of the issue after chemical company Ineos acquired more than 700 square miles of fracking exploration licences across central Scotland, and a debate is set to take place in Grangemouth so that people can learn more about the process.

West Fife and coastal villages councillor Willie Ferguson thinks that it is important for the Kincardine community to get involved and find out more about how it will affect the area.

“It’s a hot topic in the area and I’ve been advising people to attend and get as much information as possible and get a balanced view,” he said.

“I’m going to try to attend for information purposes and it was raised at the Kincardine community council meeting, and they’re going to send representatives too. It’s also been raised at the West Fife villages forum.

“It absolutely needs to be discussed and people need to be informed.” The controversial process of hydraulic fracturing involves drilling into the ground and injecting rocks with a chemical mixture to release valuable oil and gas.

The practice has raised many environmental concerns regarding the toxic chemicals that could contaminate or pollute the surrounding area and Cllr Ferguson is taking his own advice and wants to inform himself as much as he can about what the process will mean for the area.

“I was involved many years ago when a situation raised its head in the Kincardine area before,” he said.

“I need to know what the new development plans are, because it’s since been endorsed by the government so there might be changes and good points.

“I’d just like everyone to get as much information as they possibly can.” The event will see a panel of speakers discuss the situation, followed by an opportunity for the audience to ask questions.

The meeting will be held from 7-9pm on Wednesday 28th January at Grangemouth Town Hall, Bo’ness Road, Grangemouth. All members of the public are free to attend.