IRISH comedian Dara O’Briain has congratulated the people behind the revival of the Alhambra Theatre and described it as a “jewel”.

Famous for TV shows such as Mock the Week and The Apprentice: You’re Fired, he brought his ‘Crowd Tickler’ show to the Dunfermline venue – set to be one in a million when its visitor numbers are expected to click into seven figures later this year – last Wednesday.

Dara said, “This was my first time performing at the Dunfermline Alhambra, what a jewel of a theatre it is.

“It is one of my great passions to see beautiful rooms for live entertainment restored to this level, and performing the job they were originally intended for – bringing huge joy to the crowds.

“Congratulations to all involved in the Alhambra Theatre project.” Dara is on the board of the Theatres Trust, which works with public, subsidised, voluntary and commercial sectors to secure a sustainable future for theatre buildings.

The trust’s aim is to ensure that current and future generations have access to good quality theatres that reflect cultural life, and offer inspiring places to enjoy theatre.

It recently published an article acknowledging the efforts of the Alhambra Theatre Trust over the last eight years.

It has greatly benefited the city as, apart from bringing top name acts to Dunfermline, an economic impact assessment from last year showed that the theatre added £4.9 million to the night-time economy every year.

Dara has spoken publicly of his love and adoration for theatres and said, “I adore these places, when you arrive at an empty theatre, you think the potential is immense and this is going to be magical.

“Then when the show starts and you hear the laughter in the auditorium, it’s just so enjoyable, such a rush.” Bill Fletcher, former chairman of the Alhambra Theatre Trust, (pictured with Dara) said, “It was fantastic to be recognised by Dara O’Briain and the Theatres Trust for our ongoing efforts here at the Alhambra.

“Over the last eight years, the Alhambra has played host to some of the biggest acts on the touring circuit, from comedy to musical theatre and opera and fully expect to welcome our one millionth visitor later this year.

“It is always a great delight to see the support shown for our ongoing efforts here at the theatre, and for the impact that playing host to some of the biggest names in entertainment, has on Fife, and the surrounding areas.”