Duloch families raised road safety concerns about the poor signage and road markings on the busy crossing on Turnstone Road.

Used by pupils of the nearby Duloch Primary School, the area has been flagged to the MP as “an accident waiting to happen” and now he wants action taken before the summer holidays are over.

Following an on-site meeting with parents, Mr Chapman said, “Over the years it is clear the road surface and markings alerting motorists to the school have become worn and degraded. The Belisha beacons at the zebra crossing appear to have been installed in reverse to the common convention and one is now covered by the thick foliage of a tree. In addition, a sign warning motorists of the nearby school is facing away from the school, when it really should be on the other side of the road and warning drivers that they are approaching a school.

“The area is particularly busy due to the shops close by and congestion around the junction is compounded by traffic generated by the schools and leisure centre. I have written to Fife Council on behalf of the constituents who have made contact and urged an immediate inspection which will hopefully lead to corrective measures being implemented. We cannot leave the summer holidays with child safety being compromised and it would be a weight off parents’ minds if the crossing was greatly improved.” Phil Clarke, of Fife Council, said, “If parents have concerns over road safety on Turnstone Road, we will be happy to speak to Cllr Chapman to discuss their fears. We can then take a look at the site, investigate appropriate action and look for a way to tackle any issues raised.”