Connie Dennison, of North Queensferry, marked the milestone on 4th August at the Garvock House Hotel – with all her 10 great-grandchildren putting on a presentation celebrating one of her 10 decades of life.

The presentation even incorporated items of great sentimental value, such as a pinny Connie used to wear as a little girl, and the blouse she wore on her wedding day.

The sprightly centenarian beamed, “I’m quite pleased! I had a lovely party, there were about 40 of us for lunch and 140 for afternoon tea.” Connie has been teaching yoga for more than five decades, after she began attending classes in her 20s while living in Melbourne, Australia.

She has taken a weekly yoga group at St Leonard’s Church in Dunfermline for more than 40 years and credits the discipline for her good health.

Four generations of the family practise yoga: Connie, her daughter Carol Dean (72), granddaughter Susannah Dean (45) and great-granddaughter Coco Ramponi (12).

Connie completed her most recent yoga session at Easter – and is already planning to return for the next term! She laughed, “If I am fit and well, I will take it. If I’m not, I won’t.

“I have several pupils who’ve been with me since I started. I have a pupil who’s 90!

“One of the women started coming when she had her little boy and now that little boy is a 30-year-old man.

“I often bump into people when I go up to the Queen Margaret Hospital – they’ll say, ‘I know you, I used to go to your yoga class!’” Born in Lancashire in 1915, Connie travelled all over the world with her late husband Tom, who was an immigration officer and worked in the victualling department at Rosyth Dockyard before becoming a minister in the Episcopal Church.

They went on to have daughters Pat (74) and Carol (72), and the family has now grown to include five grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren.

On her 100 years, she reflected, “Before I was married, an old woman told me, ‘You will have some awful sadness, you will meet important people, and you will have a wonderful life.’ And I have.”