HISTORY was made at Duloch Primary School on Monday as they welcomed their first set of triplets into the classroom – more than a week later than planned.

Siblings Amy, Erin and Sam Robertson have joined hundreds of others across West Fife in starting their school journey last month but while his sisters took their steps into the playground on the first day of term, a bout of pneumonia delayed Sam’s entrance until this week.

But the youngsters were all smiles as they were finally reunited in the classroom and proud mum Liz said, “Sam had what looked like a cold but it got progressively worse, and it turned out he had pneumonia.

"We were worried about him but he saw the pediatrician in Kirkcaldy and thankfully didn’t have to stay in hospital.

“I had mixed emotions when Amy and Erin started without him, but he went on Monday and loved it so I’m really happy. Only one of mine could miss their first week of school though!

“All of a sudden it’s a lot quieter in my house but they seem to be loving it so far. The transition from nursery to school has gone really well and it helps that they know people from there.

"They had their first lot of homework and they enjoyed doing it, so we’ll see how long that continues!” The trio’s class teacher Fiona MacLeod added, “They’ve settled in fine and it’s been easy for me to tell the girls apart as one of them wears glasses!

“Although I’ve had twins before, this is the first time I’ve taught triplets but it’s been fine. They’re so organised and keep me right!

“They like spending time together naturally in the playground but they’ve made lots of friends, and in class they work well together and are happy in different groups.

“They seem to be enjoying school and it’s a lovely wee class I’ve got, so it’s going well.”