THE MEN behind Dunfermline’s Wee Tea Company are raising a cup to success after taking part in the first AGM of the Scottish Tea Growers’ Association.

The newly-formed group came about as Scotland now boasts 10 gardens growing the tipple, with the Wee Tea Company leading the way in the innovative venture with success all around the world, from New York to Paris!

Wee Tea Plantation owner Tam O’Braan has been working alongside other tea-growers in all corners of Scotland to develop a double-figure number of gardens.

“It’s been our stated aim to grow an industry, not just one business and while most of the members won’t have a commercial quantity until 2018, they’ve taken the first steps to grow a new drinks industry,” he said.

Until the Wee Tea Company took off, nobody considered Scotland a natural location for growing tea.

But the success of the Dunfermline business has seen deals struck with Fortnum & Mason, Mariage Frères in Paris, The Balmoral Hotel in Edinburgh and The Lowell Hotel in New York.

Tam’s Wee Tea Plantation in Amulree grows the plants used by The Wee Tea Company and now there are more unique teas popping up across Scotland, including Aberdeenshire, Perthshire and Dumfries & Galloway. Due to the slower growth of the Scottish leaf, all of the resulting teas develop superior flavours and Tam added: “To make this sustainable we have only supplied teas of the highest quality.”