A POTHOLED main route through Crossgates still hasn't been fixed despite Fife Council saying sorry and admitting the resurfacing work was "substandard". 

A contractor began repairs on Springhill Brae in August but complaints flooded in almost immediately from motorists having to drive on the rutted road. 

The council has refused to pay until the job has "been completed to an acceptable standard" but discussions with the contractor have stalled and the road is unlikely to be fixed until well into 2016.  

Alan Forster, who stays in nearby Curling Knowe, said: "Within a few days of the task having been completed, potholes began to appear all over the newly 'repaired' surface. 

"The appalling standard of workmanship was such that I was persuaded to submit a formal complaint to Fife Council."

Nigel Hampton, of the council's asset, transportation and environment department, told him: "I would agree with you that the work is substandard and we have received a number of other complaints. 

"I have advised the contractor that the standard of the work is not acceptable and am awaiting their proposals for remediation." 

He added: "We have doubts about both the quality of the process and the material used and I am in the process of arranging for the latter to be professionally tested. 

"No payment to the contractor will be authorised by us until the work has been completed to an acceptable standard. 

"I would like to apologise for this poor-quality work and assure you that we will chase the contractor concerned for a timely resolution."

However, in November road markings were completed on the road but no remedial work was carried out. 

Mr Forster contacted the council again but received no response.

He said: "I'm retired but I travel along that road on a daily basis and it's awful. 

"They probably won't be able to do the work until the Spring and it'll be interesting to see what state the road is in then, especially if we have a hard winter. 

"It's only going to deteriorate. I raised this in August and it's surprising they still haven't got round to resolving it. 

"They're planning to build 160 houses at this end of the village so the road is only going to get busier. 

"You have to see the road to appreciate just how bad a job it is." 

Mr Forster added: "It is a waste of taxpayers' funds by a council whose financial state can at best be described as parlous.  

"It also leaves one with the impression that any contractor wishing to undertake work on behalf of Fife Council will receive a blank cheque to be completed by them irrespective of the standard of their final output."

The council's Ian Jones, lead professional in transportation, told the Press this week: "We are in discussions with the contractor regarding the surfacing of this road. In the meantime, for safety reasons, we have lined the road and we hope to have a resolution soon."