NHS FIFE will not follow Glasgow's lead in allowing patients and visitors to smoke e-cigarettes in hospital grounds.

Earlier this week, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde gave the go-ahead for vaping in hospital grounds in a bid to further cut smoking rates.

But the Fife health board has decided not to adopt the same approach and although it refused to rule the idea out completely, e-cigarettes will continue to be banned for the foreseeable future.

A spokesperson for NHS Fife said: “Smoking electronic cigarettes is not permitted on our hospital grounds as part of our no smoking policy.

“We regularly review this policy in light of new evidence. Currently, this evidence does not suggest we should change our position.”

In the Greater Glasgow and Clyde area, patients, visitors and staff can now use e-cigarettes on the grounds, but not next to entrances or exits to hospitals and other health facilities, or inside buildings.

The health board's newly-updated smokefree policy is aimed at ensuring a consistent position about the use of e-cigarettes on hospital grounds and the e-cigarette friendly approach of smoking cessation services.

It is hoped the new policy will help change the behaviour of a small group of people who continue to smoke on hospital grounds and especially around entrances.