DULOCH families are up in arms after boozing youths left a mess of bottles, cans and wrecked tents lying in Calais Muir Wood.

Earlier this year, the area was given an £80,000 revamp, including the installation of new art works and a nature trail, but the hard work has been soured after a group left part of the woods trashed.

Caroline Behaghel, a resident who often walks her dog in the area, was dismayed to see what had happened.

"I saw a couple of tents and thought maybe it was some homeless people," she said. "They had been there for a couple of weeks and when I was walking my dog I had a closer look and saw more that were flat or destroyed. There were also slashed-open duvets over the floor and the trees, as well as cans and bottles. They place had been absolutely trashed.

"I think it was probably kids who decided to buy tents and make a campsite and they've trashed the place.

"I'm a bit raging, to be honest. Lots of people let their dogs off the leash in the area and they could get hurt."

Caroline said there had also been problems with people leaving dog mess in plastic bags littered along the paths and an issue of vandalism in the area, with people damaging the wooden carvings on one of the nature trails.

"There are cut-outs of animals on the trail and someone had decided to snap them," she said. "There's a lovely deer which has been decapitated and others that have been broken.

"The wood used to be very wild but they've opened it up to the public and it's a paradise for dogs, children and families. You really feel like you're in a forest and it's such a shame that the council can't do something nice for the community because some of the community will go and trash it."

John O'Neil, Fife Council's area services team manager for parks, streets and open spaces, said: "Our team wasn't aware of the camping equipment left behind in the woods but I've arranged for staff to visit tomorrow to clean this up. I've also notified enforcement officers who will now step up patrol in the area, in relation to both the concerns about anti-social behaviour and dog fouling.

"Whilst there are not bins within the woods, there are bins at the entrances to the woods. Dog fouling signs have also recently been installed to remind people of their responsibility. Local communities can also help by reporting instances of dog fouling to the council. They can choose to do this anonymously and the information can help to identify an offender and the best time for officers to catch them walking their dog."

You can report any instances of dog fouling to the council by calling 03451 55 00 22 or emailing safercommunities.officers@fife.gov.uk

To report antisocial behaviour in the woods, contact Police Scotland on 101