A DUNFERMLINE schoolgirl who bravely chopped her hair off for charity took her braids to school in a bag to show her classmates what she had done.

Nine-year-old Lexie Brown, a pupil at Duloch Primary, raised more than £1600 for the Little Princess Trust after having more than a foot of hair cut off in her top chop on Saturday.

Even her granddad, who works offshore, got in on the fundraising act by rallying his fellow workers on the oil rig to donate and shave their heads in support.

Mum Sarah Harrison said that she was proud of her daughter’s efforts and said: “She was quite nervous but she was delighted.

“I think she is still a little bit shocked, to be honest!

“She’s a wee monkey but she has got a right good heart in her.

“She came home from school one day saying she wanted to do it and we talked about it for a while.

“She had 13 inches cut off and has raised about £1600 so far and donations are still coming in.

“The men on the oil rig have donated more than £800 by themselves.

“I’m so proud of her.

“She is going to go up in the school assembly and tell them about it.

“She likes to be the centre of attention!

“She even got up for school on Monday morning and took the bag of hair she had cut off in with her!”