THE family of Dunfermline judo star Stephanie Inglis say she is in a stable condition after undergoing surgery in a Bangkok hospital.

Commonwealth Games silver medallist Stephanie, who lives in Duloch, underwent a five-hour operation on Monday after suffering serious head injuries in a motorcycle accident in Vietnam last month.

The 27-year-old, who had been in the country teaching English to underprivileged children, was being taxied to the school where she was working when she was thrown off the bike at high speed after her skirt was caught in its wheel.

She spent almost two weeks in hospital in Vietnam before being moved to Thailand for specialist care following an online fundraising appeal that was started by her friend Khalid Gehlan.

Stephanie remains in an induced coma but, in a message posted yesterday on the Save Steph Facebook page, her family said: “Stephanie is now completely removed from her sedation although her condition has remained the same and stable.

“Her doctors have said that it may take up to two weeks for Stephanie to fully awaken from her induced coma and it's only been 24 hours.

“Stephanie's infections continue to improve (and) although they are still not eliminated, today she did move her legs and lips.

“Really medically there is nothing else that can be done, it's now up to Stephanie and time to determine the next steps, this is a battle she will have to have alone, but given the strength she has shown up until now everyone is optimistic that she will waken up.

“We are planning at the moment assuming no further complications to try and move Stephanie back to the UK in 2-3 weeks time, but she has to be clear of all infections before we can set a date for this.

“But for now it really is just a waiting game, Stephanie's brain will have to rewire and awaken from what has been a traumatic and long period of significant trauma.”

Accessing treatment proved complicated because Stephanie's multi-trip insurance policy was only valid for the first 31 days that she was in Vietnam.

That prompted her friend Khalid to set up a GoFundMe fundraising page to raise the money needed to meet the costs of her care – said to be £2,000 per day – and of an air ambulance to bring her back to the UK.

The fund has exceeded its £250,000 target and Stephanie's cousin Louise Ferrier, who runs Centre Stage Dance Academy in Crossgates, told the Press: “The doctors are working to reduce her sedation to try and bring her round, but we have been told that that can take a few weeks. We are really happy that she has pulled through the operation – although she still has a high temperature – and they are putting a plan in place where they can bring her round and assess her.

“We're hoping for some more good news but I can't quite believe the target on the GoFundMe page has been completely smashed. There's not a word big enough and even the dance kids raised £250, and they said 'this is all our pocket money'!

“The amount of people helping and the amount of money that's been donated is amazing.”

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