POLICE have issued a warning after an elderly woman had her handbag stolen from her Dunfermline home.

The bag was stolen from a windowsill when she was in the house.

The victim had left several windows open due to the warm weather.

The incident happened on Priorwood Drive, Dunfermline, around 11pm on Wednesday, June 8.

Inspector Ian Stephen, of Cowdenbeath Police Station, said: “I can understand why people would open a window without giving it a second thought, especially during the summer.

“However, please take a minute to remind yourself this can be an open invitation to thieves and makes their job a lot easier.

“Equally, thieves can be just as brazen to check your doors in case you’ve left them unlocked. 

“It can have a horrible effect on victims to know that someone has been in your property, so remember to enjoy the sunshine but to be vigilant and where possiblekeep your windows on the latch and your doors locked – even if you’re at home or in the garden.”