A COURT order has been issued for the first time in Fife to prevent a young schoolgirl being taken to Pakistan for a forced marriage. 

Her removal from Scotland was prohibited after concerns she would be “offered up as appeasement” after her elder sister fled at the prospect of an unwanted wedding. 

Police Scotland and Fife Council made a joint application to the sheriff court and a Forced Marriage Protection Order was granted in respect of the girl, known only as Miss B. 

A report explained: “Miss A attended a local police station having fled her parents to avoid being forced into a marriage in Pakistan. 

“During the interview she stated that she had been assaulted, her passport removed and that she had a younger sister, Miss B, still living in the family home. 

“Miss A was concerned that Miss B would be offered in her place.” 

It was discovered the younger girl had not attended high school for a few days, with the reason given that her mother was not well. 

The council report added: “Concerns were raised that the school was breaking off in two days’ time and the evidence suggested that Miss B would be offered as appeasement, in place of her sister, Miss A. 

“Miss A was housed in a place of safety and Miss B became the subject of an honour-based violence investigation.”

The council added that the court action was “the first order of its kind in Fife”.