AMAZON will increase the number of parking spaces for HGVs at their Dunfermline centre after complaints from neighbours.

Local residents and politicians have been unhappy about the queue of lorries stopping on Sandpiper Drive, which effectively cut the route to one lane and reduce visibility.

Last year, Amazon introduced a temporary lorry park at the old Kingdom Services site near Crossgates and they have now applied to Fife Council to extend their own site.

The plan is to increase the size of their service yard to create parking for up to 33 HGVs, build a driver welfare building and erect security fencing and external lighting at the fulfilment centre.

The extension would be at the southern end of the building.

The plan should solve a problem that was highlighted by former Dunfermline MSP Cara Hilton, who said that travelling along Sandpiper Drive safely was “like playing a game of Russian roulette” due to the number of HGVs parked on the road.

Residents also raised concerns about drivers loitering in the area and urinating in public.

Last summer, the chair of the City of Dunfermline area committee, Councillor Helen Law, said: "There are no facilities for the drivers and I don’t think it’s right that they can be driving the length of the country for hours and be left with no facilities.”

Fife Council did introduce parking restrictions but she added: “We desperately need a lorry park for the area.

“We need to move things forward so that traffic can flow freely and to minimise disruption to other drivers and residents."